Flore Wijnands
MSc student UvA


I am a master student Freshwater and Marine Biology from the University of Amsterdam and I will be joining the Reefscape Genomics Lab the coming months for my final research internship. I will be using 3D imagery of Caribbean reefs and phylogenomic approaches to study the effect of microenvironment and genetic diversity on the susceptibly to bleaching in Caribbean stony corals. I am really looking forward to diving deeper into the field of genomics and to learn more about coral ecology and evolution.

My background lies mostly in Earth Sciences. During courses on paleobiology, I realized that I was more interested in the living world than in sediments and geomorphology, therefore I changed my focus from physical geography to marine biology. Within the field of marine biology I am mostly interested in biogeography, population genomics, and biodiversity and conservation. In my spare time I like to be outside and take long walks. When I am indoors, I often read, play board games with friends, or make music. I play the clarinet in a student orchestra in Utrecht.

  • BSc in Earth Sciences, Utrecht University