Dr. Jennifer Hoey
Postdoctoral Researcher


Keywords: evolutionary ecology, molecular ecology, conservation genomics

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Reefscape Genomics Lab at the California Academy of Sciences. I am using population genomics and 3D imagery to understand hybridization and adaptation across reef depth in a Caribbean coral community. More broadly, my research focuses on how microevolutionary forces shape patterns of genetic diversity across space and through time, and how the processes inferred from past and current genomic patterns might influence evolutionary potential in a changing world. I am also passionate about science communication and I’m excited to be able to explore and teach about our natural world at the Cal Academy.

In my free time, I enjoy climbing, backpacking, gardening, baking, and trying out new restaurants and recipes.

  • PhD in Ecology & Evolution, Rutgers University, 2020
  • BA in Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley, 2010