Johanna Gijsbers
Research Technician

Keywords: Coral reefs, coral ecology, adaptation, mesophotic coral ecosystems, coral reef interactions, reefscape genomics

I am a marine ecologist interested in understanding the ecological and evolutionary processes governing reef-building coral communities. I came to the Reefscape Genomics Lab for my final MSc internship in 2019 and after graduating, I stayed here to continue working on reefscape genomics, from using photogrammetry to study coral communities to leveraging visualization and phylogenomic tools to explore the evolutionary patterns of coral genera. During my internship, I used next-generation sequencing data to explore cryptic diversity within two important mesophotic coral genera from the Caribbean and the Indo-Pacific oceans. Currently, my work mainly focuses on exploring niche partitioning and other phylogenomic patterns in the observed species diversification of the same genera. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, photography/videography, playing board games, ultimate frisbee, and other outdoor sports.

  • MSc in Biological Sciences, Freshwater and Marine Biology, University of Amsterdam, 2020
  • BSc in Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, 2016