Maxine Mouly
Undergraduate student UC Berkeley


I am a senior at UC Berkeley studying environmental sciences, deeply intrigued by marine biology. Amid unfettered anthropogenic activities, I am interested in understanding how organisms respond both physiologically and genetically to environmental perturbations. Working in the Reefscape Genomics Lab, I hope to fully immerse myself in the field of coral genomics and learn about coral resilience to global change. At school, I conduct research on elephant seals in the Vázquez-Medina Lab to assess the effects of warming on their thermoregulatory capacity and ability to compensate behaviorally. In applying this knowledge to corals, I hope to understand how these organisms cope with multiple stressors and whether there are synergistic effects. In my free time, I work as a journalist seeking to reveal the misfortunes of climate change. I also love to cook, bike, and frolic through nature.

  • BSc in Environmental Sciences, UC Berkeley, 2023 (in progress)