Dr. Michelle Achlatis
Associate Researcher CARMABI/UvA

Keywords: sponge physiology, photosymbiosis, bioerosion

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher working on coral reef ecology based at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and associated with the CARMABI Research Institute and the California Academy of Sciences. I am involved in the CoralScape project with the Reefscape Genomics Lab, and have been working on a landscape genomics analysis of an abundant coral-eroding sponge. I am particularly interested in how populations of such aggressively spreading sponges expand in space and time. In my current position, I focus on the symbiosis between coral reef sponges and photosynthetic microorganisms in CuraƧao (Southern Caribbean), where most of my fieldwork takes place. In my free time, I travel with or through books.

  • PhD in Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland, 2018
  • MSc in Limnology and Oceanography, University of Amsterdam, 2013
  • BSc in Biology, University of Crete, 2011